4.30.2011 / Live at The Music Market IA

Mean ole River

Mean Ole River was written and performed by Lee Kohl, Jef Davis, Corey Baker and myself, long before the recent Floods that have been wreaking havoc in Europe and Pakistan. During the past Decade, devastating Flood Waters have ravaged the Cities and People of our Planet, including my Home Town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The song kept running through my mind as I watched the alarming Pictures on Television and Internet, so I put them together in an attempt to share what I am feeling. I would like to dedicate this to the people who have lost so the hope of raising awareness to the crucial and immediate need of assistance by the people of Pakistan.They need more than just our prayers and they need it now. There are many Orgs. out there who are doing thier best to help, so if you do decide to give your support, please try to choose one that will make sure it gets to where help is really needed.

Posted by Daryl Bark on Wednesday, August 18, 2010

6.10.2011 / The Music Market IA


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